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Your flowers are such an important part of your wedding day.

It's my pleasure to guide you to select flowers that will create beautiful memories

Need help selecting a color scheme to complement the season and your gown,
your wedding party's attire and the style and tone of your entire wedding?

I'll customize your flowers keeping within your budget and guided by your ideas.

Have you seen flowers or an arrangement in a magazine that you absolutely loved?
Bring in the picture and I will recreate or personalize those flowers especially for you.

As a gift to the happy couple, I will meet you at your church, home or reception hall
and deliver your bouquets, flowers and pew bows on your wedding day.

If you wish, I'll also pin everyone's corsages and boutonnieres.

I am there for you until you walk down the aisle.

Please let me know if there is anything that I can do
to help make your wedding a beautiful, wonderful day.

Feel free to call me to discuss wedding plans,
to schedule a private in-store consultation,
or to browse through our albums and catalogs for ideas and suggestions.

Wishing you a wonderful future full of happy memories!

You can reach Ria in the flower shop at: 585-728-3500 ext 1


CONTACT Ria by e-mail Ria@steubenlandscaping.com

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